In Gratitude to the Divine Unity.

In humble reverence and deep gratitude, I acknowledge the divine presence that transcends all boundaries and manifests itself in the 10,000 forms.I offer my heartfelt thanks to the God of love and compassion, the source of grace and wisdom, whose light shines in the teachings of Jesus Christ. I also extend my appreciation to the Tao, the eternal Way, and the harmonious natural order it represents. I find guidance in its simplicity and wisdom.I am indebted to the spiritual teachers and guides from Christian and Taoist traditions who have illuminated my path and shared their profound insights.

Of special note is Master Hua Ching Ni, who first introduced me to the Tao.
My gratitude extends to the community of seekers who have joined us on this journey, offering their support, encouragement, and diverse perspectives. I celebrate the unity in the diversity of faiths and philosophies, knowing that we find common ground in our shared quest for wisdom and enlightenment.
May the wisdom of the Christ and the Tao guide us in every step of our lives, and may we continue to discover the profound interconnectedness of all things.

Of special mention and great thanks go to my Publisher, Angela Lampe, whose faith in me and this project brought it to the public. Her support and gentle guidance molded "I Am The Way" into a presentation I could not imagine. Heartfelt gratitude to my wife, Connie, who is a Bodhisattva, a Saint whose values and theology gave rise to the inspiration for this book. The ECC Hombres, a small group of men I meet with every Monday morning, The Reverend Richard McBride, Ralph Waller, The Rev. Dr. Daniel H. Kuhn, Jr., The Rev. Dr. Jacob Luther Mauney, The Rev. Dr. Ray Pollard, Luigi Orlando, and The Reverend Bud Fisher, who bore my mood swings and steadfastly gave support, encouragement, wisdom, and most of all, kept me grounded. 
Thanks also to The Reverend Kirstin C. Boswell, Elon University's Chaplain, and the faculty and staff at The Numen Lumen Spiritual Center, who have inspired my interfaith journey.

My good friend and fellow curmudgeon, artist, and Renaissance man, Albert Kauslick, created the illustration of Jesus and Lao Tzu joining paths. He has been my mirror, collaborator, buddy, and BFF for as long as memory serves me. Thank you.

Since joining the Elon Community Church, I have attended The Seekers Class, one of the Adult Sunday schools. It is a group where any question is allowed, and I have been free to express my Eastern thinking even as my understanding of Western theology has deepened. It has been the rails upon which my train of thought has traveled.

A gracious thank you also to Ning Marella, Mark Steven Rizarri, and Leah Mae Fernandez, who have tirelessly managed my social media and grown my platform so that my message can reach more eyes. Their assistance has taken a huge weight off my shoulders and allowed me the time to finish this project.

There are so many others: all my guest authors whom I asked for contributions, my Beta readers, friends, and family. They are too numerous to name them all, but I send my heartfelt thanks.

With a heart full of gratitude, I offer this devotional as a testament to the shared journey of Christians, Taoists, and all spiritual traditions. May it inspire and nourish the souls of all who read it.


Bridging Wisdom

Across Traditions

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